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Browse our FAQ for insights into our most commonly asked questions about's services and software solutions.

Can I customize the loan terms and conditions on your platform

Absolutely. Our platform allows for detailed customization of loan schemes to align with your business's specific rules and conditions.

What kind of reports can I generate with

Our software enables you to create a wide array of reports, from simple financial summaries to complex analytics with custom metrics.

How secure is our clients' data with your software?

Data security is our top priority. We employ multi-level encryption and security protocols to ensure your clients' information remains protected.

Can your software integrate with our existing payment systems?

Yes, we have designed our software to be flexible with integrations, allowing for seamless connections with a variety of payment systems.

Can I allocate different access levels within my team?

Certainly. Our system allows for the allocation of granular access rights to different employee groups for enhanced internal security.